and the One who walks with me on it.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Too Good-Natured

       Sometimes, we Canadians are too good-natured for our own good.  In a movie called “Canadian Bacon” some American cops find out just how agreeable we are.  As they bang into people to reach a building, the Canadians who are hit say “Sorry.  Sorry.”  Truth is, it would probably happen that way.  We do the same thing with our lives as the world and the enemy try to steal, kill and destroy our lives, our families, our friends, our jobs, our communities, our country, etc.

       It’s like a lion is advancing into our lives and this is our response: “No, big lion, please don’t eat my baby.  Please just go away.  Oh, you bit off his arm now.  That’s okay, you didn’t mean to- if you just leave now I won’t get mad.”  Sounds unlikely, but we do those kinds of things all the time, allowing evil to overtake this world when we should aggressively be going after it.

       It’s kind of like a hockey game.  Imagine leaving the puck for the other team because we don’t want to get in their way.  Or perhaps we don’t fight over the puck in the corner, or race to retrieve it at all.  Maybe we just let them come at us without blocking their pass to the net and we certainly wouldn’t check them- that’s far too aggressive.

Be sensible and vigilant, because your adversary the Devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking someone he may devour; whom firmly resist (be immovable, stubborn, steadfast) in the faith… 1Pt. 5:8,9
The thief does not come except to steal and to kill and to destroy…. Jh. 10:10

       When the enemy attacks or the world comes after us, are we sitting back moaning and groaning, doing our best to get through it by our own endeavors, or are we taking a stand and fighting back in the Lord’s strength?  Honestly, this is something I’m just thinking about now since, well, my life has taken this crazy turn, but I believe the Lord’s been showing me that (it’s like) we as a people are in a hockey game and not even playing to win.  We’re just sitting back good-naturedly, being trampled on while our health, relationships, houses, finances, belongings etc all fall apart when we really should STAND.

       "God will make it all better.  I know He will, so I just gotta pray, believe, sit back and wait."  Now, maybe there’s nothing we can physically do to change our situation and we should obey God in all areas, but perhaps we need to move in the Spirit and fight back spiritually.  Aggressively pray alone, in unity with others, fast, anoint with oil, get up and take the lamb from the mouth of the bear or lion.  David did on more than one occasion.

And Saul said to David, You are not able… 1Sm 17:33
And David said to Saul, Your servant kept his father's sheep, and there came a lion and a bear, and took a lamb out of the flock. And I went out after it and struck it, and delivered the lamb out of its mouth. And when it rose against me, I caught it by the beard, and struck it and killed it. (v.34,35)
And David said, Jehovah who has delivered me out of the paw of the lion and out of the paw of the bear, He will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine… (v.37)
But I come to you in the name of Jehovah of Hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. Jehovah will deliver you into my hand today… (v. 45,46)

       David learned an important lesson somewhere in the fields while tending sheep.  He learned total reliance on the Lord- but David still ‘fought the good fight,’ albeit with the Lord’s help.  David had a primary response in life: seek the Lord, ask Him what to do, then obey knowing God would give the victory.  Perhaps we need to do the same- stop taking all this garbage sitting down, seek the Lord but also stand up and fight back with Him as our strength!

That’s my pondering of the day…

Friday, April 04, 2014

Live Long and Prosper

        It’s my husband’s fault- 100%.  Really.  Honestly.  I wouldn’t be this way if it wasn’t for him.  “Hello, my name is Vicky and I am hooked on sci-fi.”  It was never a genre that I ever got into much right up until I got married.  That was almost all Albert would watch though.  Star Trek- all its versions.  Star Wars.  Babylon 5.  Firefly.  Andromeda.  Stargate- all its versions.  Farscape.  Battlestar Galactica.  And a multitude of others.

       In the original Star Trek with Captain Kirk, there was a Vulcan character named Spock.  He and Scotty were my favorite characters on that show.  Scotty was the friendly engineer and Spock was the logical, emotionless second in command.  He used to hold his hand up a particular way (when greeting or leaving) and say ‘Live long and prosper.’  I don’t actually know why Vulcans say that, but I quickly practiced the hand sign.

       It’s kind of funny because for Spock to say it (if he was real) it would be more of speaking a blessing since no person can make that kind of thing occur.  We can’t make anyone live longer.  We can’t make anyone prosper- not really.  Perhaps we can help them, but to actually make them flourish?  Nope.  We have no special powers or abilities to make it happen with our limited human strength.  But there is One who can do as He pleases for He is all powerful.

For the Lord God omnipotent reigns!  Rv. 19:6
For with God nothing shall be impossible. Lk. 1:37

       So did God ever lengthen lives and prosper people?  Of course He did.  In at least one place we read that when King Hezekiah was deathly sick and begged God for an extension of his life, God gave him 15 more years! (2Kn. 20:1-11)  God is certainly able and can do anything He desires.  “All things are possible with God(Mt. 19:26)  But it is up to Him, what pleases Him and is needed for His ultimate plans, not just up to our desires.   

My purpose shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure; Is. 46:10
Our God is in the heavens; he does all that he pleases. Ps. 115:3 ESV
The fear of Jehovah prolongs days… Pr. 10:27
And if you will walk in My ways… then I will lengthen your days. 1Kn. 3:14

       As for prospering, I don’t believe for a minute Spock meant financially.  Money isn’t anything but a means to do things that God may want done.  I would rather prosper (flourish) in all areas of my life: relationships, health, fruits of the Spirit, spiritual life, mental state, abilities and gifts, etc.  Only the Lord can redeem us from this sick and dying world (world system) to bring us true/ godly/ abundant/ prosperous lives

Let the LORD be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant. Ps. 35:27 KJV
(Jesus said) …I have come so that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. Jh. 10:10
Jehovah made all he did to prosper in his hand. (Joseph)  Gn. 39:3

       So Spock is right.  We can live long and prosper in God’s plan for our lives.  Personally, I don’t want to live outside His will any longer.  Life is exciting with Him.  I am enjoying my life so much more than I ever thought possible (even when things are falling down around my ears) because God is merciful and full of grace and His peace and joy go with me wherever I am.

       Eternal life with God forever is certainly living long.  And when I consider my life, it is so rich in spiritual treasures that I wouldn’t give that up for any gold or silver.  Life with God is the BEST!

Live long and prosper in the Lord, with the Lord, through the Lord my friends!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Half an Hour to Midnight

Just thinking…

       What if we were told that at midnight tonight our world would be turned upside down- that something major would take place?  At half an hour before that, where would we be and what would we be thinking?  Here are some things that did or could happen at midnight from the Bible:

And Moses said, Thus says Jehovah: About midnight I will go out into the midst of Egypt. And all the first-born in the land of Egypt shall die… Ex. 11:4,5

       This may seem like it wouldn’t affect us (if we were Israelites) but in fact, they also had to follow God’s instructions on how to keep safe.  Part of the process was to swipe blood from a spotless lamb on the lintel and doorposts of their houses, then stay inside, and if they didn’t, the destroyer would come in to them also (Ex. 12:22,23).  If they obeyed, Jehovah would protect them. Half an hour beforehand, were the people restless to leave?  Perhaps they were fearful to even move.  Did they truly believe, or just not want to take a chance it could happen?  Were they laughing, or somber or on their knees thanking God for His mercy?

In a moment they die, and a people are shaken at midnight and pass away; and the mighty shall be taken away without a hand. Jb. 34:20

       We shall all die for we are mortal man and have not yet been given incorruptible bodies.  Any one of us could die tonight at midnight.  So half an hour before that time what would you be doing?  Would you be hanging on to loved ones, getting things in order, emailing notes to all your family and friends, or begging God for more time?  Perhaps you’d be rejoicing that you’d see Him soon.  Perhaps you’d be mourning for the things you would not get to see (children growing up).  Either way, it is not in our hands and only the Lord knows the day and hour our mortal bodies will fail.  Perhaps that is why we should ALWAYS be ready!

And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom comes! Go out to meet him. Mt. 25:6

       One day Jesus is returning for His bride.  Perhaps it will be at midnight.  What would you be doing then?  Partying, sleeping, pigging out, cavorting with friends, getting drunk, working to earn ‘precious’ cash or bathing, dressing in your white gown washed in the blood of the Lamb (Rv. 19:7; 7:14), and vigilantly waiting with anticipation for your beloved to come and get you?

       Well, it’s half an hour to midnight and I’m up posting, hoping someone, somewhere will want to be closer to the Lord, know Him more and develop a passion for Him.  I want everyone to be in Heaven one day because it’s going to be a glorious place with abounding life like we can’t even imagine.  The Lord is returning soon.  

Are you ready?  

Am I?

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

In Consideration of the Day

       Many people call this day April Fools Day.  Now, I’m not one to like that word because of its negative connotations, but sometimes if the shoe fits…  Even the Bible uses the word fool and foolish over 120 times.  Here is the biggest reason a man could be called a fool and one that applies to most of society in this generation.

The fool has said in his heart, There is no God! They acted corruptly; they have done abominable works, there is none who does good. Ps. 14:1
The fool has said in his heart, There is no God. They acted corruptly, and have worked out abominable wickedness; there is not one doing good. Ps. 53:1

       David wrote these Psalms, and though they are the thoughts of a man I think they reflect the true essence of a fool.  Fool defined: one destitute of (or does not exercise) reason or understanding, deficient in intellect, one who pursues a course contrary to wisdom.  In Bible also wicked, depraved, contrary moral behaviour, follows own inclinations, prefers trifling and temporary pleasures to the service of God and eternal happiness.  Who fits more of these definitions than those who claim there is no God?

       The complexity of the universe down to its smallest element, the lack of scientific knowledge of the human soul and spirit, thinking a random bang (where did the elements come from that made the bang) are indicative of our deficiency of knowledge and in that deficiency we choose to believe all this natural world occurred by mathematically impossible odds rather than believe there is a God.  That is foolish.

       The problem with being a fool in this area is that our ‘soul’ will be eternally lost if we do not accept the truth of God, His salvation and continue in our wicked ways:

And I will say to my soul, Soul, you have many goods laid up for many years. Take your ease, eat drink and be merry. But God said to him, Fool! This night your soul shall be required of you, then whose shall be those things which you have prepared?  So is he who lays up treasure for himself and is not rich toward God. Lk. 12:19-21
Let no one deceive himself. If anyone among you seems to be wise in this world, let him become a fool so that he may be wise. 1Cr. 3:18

       As humans, we collect many earthly treasures: possessions, collections, money and such.  None of those things come with us when we die.  They are only of the earth.  They corrupt and fade away.  But God is eternal.  He always was and will always be, “even from everlasting to everlasting You are God.” (Ps. 90:2)  “I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, says the Lord, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.” (Rv. 1:8)

       Only a fool says there is no God and continues to do wickedly, for they will receive eternal condemnation not only for their unbelief of God, but because they continue in unrighteousness and will be rewarded accordingly.  This is the Word of God.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Prom Dress

       I hate shopping for clothes for anyone, but especially me.  It is a necessity as exciting as a root canal.  Of course, tools are a different matter!  J  But I discovered last year that shopping for prom dresses for my daughter WITH my sister could actually be fun.  We started out early, heading to the States where the variety is much larger and prices much lower, and headed in our predetermined path.

       At the first store Amy tried on several dresses.  We all searched for dresses that we thought she’d look good in and were her size.  She’d try on dress after dress while my sister and I pointed out the good or bad points of the dress concerning colour, style, features, but most of all how those particular things looked on her.  Did they suit her or not.  After many dresses that weren’t really ‘the one’ I went out and saw a dress of the perfect colour for her but a size bigger.  The sales lady said to try it anyway, and boom, it was just right.  Amy looked amazing.  I cried of course…

       Though it did seem ‘the perfect’ dress, Amy wanted to make sure, so we put it on hold and went to several other stores.  Nothing was good enough anymore, always having one or more problems that made each dress undesirable.  Only one dress came close, but the back looked strange on Amy’s particular shape.  Returning to the first store we bought ‘the perfect’ dress and found ‘the perfect’ shoes in the store next door.  We had fun shopping that day- yes, even me.

       All that time, concern and effort on a singular dress for a singular event, that in the grand scheme of life has little or no eternal value.  How sad.  But there is a dress of which we should be concerned- men included- for it does have eternal value.  Read on…

For the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife has prepared herself. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white. For the fine linen is the righteousness of the saints. And he said to me, Write, Blessed are those who have been called to the marriage supper of the Lamb…  Rv. 19:7-9
And the armies in Heaven followed Him on white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. Rv. 19:14
I will greatly rejoice in Jehovah, my soul will be joyful in my God; for He has clothed me with the robes of salvation, He covered me with the robe of righteousness like a bridegroom adorns himself with ornaments, and like a bride adorns herself with her jewels. Is. 61:10

       We are invited to be part of the marriage supper of the Lamb.  The Lamb is Jesus (Jh. 1:29) who was slain (Rv. 13:8) for our salvation and rose to give us eternal glory (Rm. 4:25).  He wishes us to be His bride.  For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy. For I have espoused you to one Man, to present you as a pure virgin to Christ.(2Cr. 11:2) 

Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for it, that He might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the Word, that He might present it to Himself as the glorious church, without spot or wrinkle or any such things, but that it should be holy and without blemish. Ep. 5: 25-27
But let patience have its perfect work, so that you may be perfect and entire, lacking nothing. Jm. 1:4

       The church becomes perfect and complete, lacking nothing as we walk together with Christ Jesus in this world learning to obey His will.  If we are to be allowed to be arrayed in fine linen (righteousness) then we must be washed by the blood of the Lamb- for He was without spot or blemish (sin-2Cr. 5:2; 1Pt. 2:22).  That salvation should give us a desire to live for God.  Our efforts should be for His kingdom.

knowing that you were not redeemed with corruptible thingsbut with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot; 1Pt. 1:18,19
How much more shall the blood of Christ (who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot to God) purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God? Hb. 9:14

       When Jesus returns, He comes for His bride; a bride without spot or wrinkle, one prepared for His coming.  “And I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of Heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her Husband.(Rv. 21:2)  A city always speaks of it’s people.  (eg. All of Toronto came out to see the game)  So the New Jerusalem, though it may be a city- Jesus is not married to the city but the people in it- is those who are saved by Him.  Jew.  Gentile.  All of us saved by His precious blood, now His eternal bride dressed in the only dress with eternal value- the one clean and white, without spot or wrinkle.

Therefore, beloved, looking for these things,
be diligent, spotless, and without blemish,
to be found by Him in peace.
2Pt. 3:14

You are all fair, My love; no blemish is in you.
SoS. 4:7